Two in One: Inspiration and Lesson

Inspiration is everywhere. One just has to have patience and wait and observe until the muse appears and tells you your next piece. As winter came to an end, is exactly what happened. Enjoying the fresh air and sun rays with my two year old daughter, but wise beyond her years. I noticed she would only focus on the yellow flowers spread all over the place. Dandelions. She would rip them out of the ground with such care, but with a determination to take them all, that I had to put a stop to her floral chase, due to the simple fact that neither her pockets, nor mine could hold another one.

As a result, Dandelions, Butterflies & Hearts was born. I have noticed that each time, the Muse assigns you a new task, your hands are obliged to draw each new work in a different way, different than the previous one. Of course, always keeping the style essence of the artist, creative finger print, which forces him or her to look inside and mature with each flip of the wrist, passing of the brush or swipe of the stylus.

At the same time, there is a moral to the story, one has to take note of and channel into the piece, as well as share with everyone else. Which in this case is to always have at arms length the ability to look at life and interact with others around us, with a pleasant and joyous attitude, especially when we find ourselves dealing with those walking around with their head down or in a bad mood. This is the moment where we have to hold on to this state of mind with such fervor and so strongly that third parties who may not understand what's going on, keep their their negative presence at bay. Thus limiting the possibility for one to stress out, or to one's dismay, experiencing a stomach ache or acquiring hellish pessimism. 



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