My Art Draws Slowly, From Deeper Waters

Just as one is born with the artistic gift of pencil to paper, and develops the technique overtime, it is also true along with that gift, there is a specific working style one draws from.

As I went along with life into my early 20s, the "skill" of multi-tasking, especially in a frantic, fast paced environment was a must to land even the most laid back entry level job. At the time, my art was a hobby, at times a therapy, my silent shrink, whose only consulting charge was the time I spent in its colourful office and the cost of coloured pencils, acrylics, paintbrushes and oil pastels, because paper was "free" of charge if you were into recycling cereal boxes, note pads or paper bags. 

Although in the beginning I grasped multi-tasking quite effectively and had an effective and productive turn around, as years went on, I found myself more and more sneakily doodling on any scribble pad I had nearby, my mind spaced out as in a daze, because I just honestly couldn't keep up anymore with this frantic approach to getting "the job done." 

As the hapless doodles became a common habit at the day job office, so too in my occasional studio time, until I went into an emotionally painful artist block...for months, then years.

I looked around at other artists and admired their devotion to their vocation; mesmerized by this quality of life and health I wasn't realizing I could have for myself, if only...

...I recognized that my working style was directly correlated to my artistic style, from the type of mediums I used, to how I took care of them, to the ambiance I gave to my physical space, ie. music, snacks at arms length, switching off the cell phone and TV to a time of day or night I felt more communicative with my muses. My true nature in personality, as well as how my work affects the viewer, is calming, at a pace, humoured at times, but always, always, always coming from a depth that is loyal to my style.

And this, I keep close to mind, as I enpmbrace not only the digital medium to produce my work, but how I approach and put in the man hours in my online Artshop, one doesn't only sell one's art piece which hopefully will make someone happy and excited to having done business with me, but the way I manage everything else that goes on behind the scenes comes through inevitably onto the surface, the final product, hence, the art.

So as others swim past me, I dive deeper into the process and mechanics of creating art and making it available, one focused task at a time;  avoiding a destructive reoccurring burnout and stamping out multi-tasking into extinction from my imaginative world, forever.

Oh! I'm actually having fun again when I colour, I had forgotten what that was all about. -A.S. 💙


  • I can relate to the continuous multitasking. I yearn to just focus on one thing at a time without a care to how much time it takes.

  • What a heartfelt, authentic, beautiful story. It’s wonderful that you can recognize your special way of working, and keep going deeper no matter what others are doing!?? I love your writing and the painting of that big water round character, it speaks to me! Looking forward to more of your work!


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