Redefining My Art in the Digital Age

When rare sporadic quiet moments arise in my home bound creative space, I enjoy digging up and sifting through more than 20 years of artwork. Not only is it a treasure trove of memories, but a clear example of art skill progression;  from sketching techniques, to shading, but also something often overlooked, one's creative thought process. 

Recently, I found a portrait of my father I had made, dated 1981, at that time, I never signed my name, I just dated things. Despite being only 5 years old at the time of this rendering, I captured my father quite well, with a few exaggerations of certain facial parts, like huge ears and diamond shaped teeth, his moustache was definitely on target. 

Even though I have moved on from family portraits with simple pen drawings, to cutesie eyed fantastical characters with pools of colours created with digital stylos on a tablet; my curiosity and unwavering almost near sighted focus to zoom in on the subject and forget about the surrounding landscape, has remained constant. Whether this is due to severe near sightedness throughout my life or just simply, I don't like to waste time with the extra and like to be mesmerized by the main subject matter and all it has to tell, may be besides the point.

One thing is for sure, I have to admit to redefine myself as a digital artist in all sense of the word, is a self fulfilled prophecy of that 5 year old who once thought how unfair it was that musicians music could travel the world through radio waves, but us artists had to sit on a street corner selling our larger than life paintings as well as a litter of puppies, incase the former didn't span out; as a 5 year old an 11x14 canvas seemed huge and yes, I would often see a local painter sit on the street corner light from sun up to sun set hustling to sell his paintings and without fail off to the side, there was a cardboard box full of puppies, I thought this was the way it was done.

Thankfully, today I look down at our "outdated" 6 year old scanner and appreciate its relentless service, but no longer require it, as I sit on the corner of my couch, alongside my coworkers cloud and tablet, producing work, smoothly, effectively and enjoyably, sans puppies.


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